Sherwood Park News Q And A-Climate and the Environment

The effects of climate change have been witnessed by Canadians across the country this year, from record-breaking heat waves to fierce forest fires. Like the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change will be one of the biggest challenges of our time. We are in a climate crisis, and we can wait no longer.

In December 2020, the Liberal government announced Canada’s strengthened climate plan to protect the environment, create jobs, and support communities. This plan will cut pollution, clean the air Canadians breathe, create sustainable jobs, and make our local communities more resilient to extreme weather by planting two billion trees, supporting sustainable farming, as well as better managing, conserving, and restoring our natural areas.

A re-elected Liberal government will uphold this commitment and continue to ensure that we make the communities we live in more affordable by cutting energy waste and putting into action support for policies that make clean, affordable transportation and power available in every community. We will partner with the private sector, researching and developing innovations and adaptions for a changing climate. We will also train 1,000 new community-based firefighters and help provide them the equipment they need to keep themselves and all Canadians safe.

In keeping with the promise to build Canada’s clean industrial advantage, the federal government recently signed a $1.3 billion deal with the Government of Alberta to build a hydrogen plant in Edmonton, which will produce clean-burning fuel from natural gas. The plant will capture three million tonnes of CO2 yearly and produce 1,500 tonnes of hydrogen a day, and create good, sustainable jobs for our community.

Water is life, and we have a responsibility to be stewards of this precious resource. To that end, a comprehensive Freshwater Action Plan to protect the Great Lakes, and a cross country Canada Water Agency, will both be established to consolidate and coordinate federal freshwater efforts on this file, and we will be collaborating with provincial, territorial, and Indigenous stakeholders.

Source Q&A Federal Election 2021 series: The Environment | Sherwood Park News

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